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need some inspiration?

Our wonderful customers have sent in their new setups for their furbabies, so we thought we would feature their creativity on our site. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your support.

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Australian Handmade Rabbit & Guinea Pig Toys.

Our toys are perfect for your rabbit and guinea pig. They are handmade in Australia and are safe for your furry friend to chew on. Our toy designer is both creative and passionate. She is constantly coming up with new designs for your rabbit, guinea pig, or ferret to enjoy.

Your small pet will surely fall in love with our handmade toys, and they’ll keep them entertained for hours on end.

Unsure of which toy to choose? Let us help!

With our selection of toys, it may be hard to choose the right one for your little furry friend. But we have a few small tips that might just make this choice a little easier.

Does your pet love to chew?

If so, then any seagrass toy in our collection would be perfect for this. It’ll satisfy their itch to chew chew chew!

Do they love Throwing, pushing or pulling things?

If this is the case, then you can’t go past a ring toss, flower toss, bunny bangle or seagrass rope ball.

Are you looking for something that lasts?

If you’re looking for longevity, then the seagrass activity mat, any seagrass log, the seagrass stack, natural foraging basket and vine ball will last the longest.

Your pet’s safety is our priority.

We are well aware of how unregulated the pet industry is when it comes to pet product safety. Thus all of our pet toys are made from only safe materials, such as seagrass, bamboo, natural vines, cardboard, and safe untreated wood. We also only use food dyes for natural colouring. We wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t give to our own pets. In fact, all of our bunnies use our products, whether it is our fleece cage liners, tunnels, toys, or anything else we stock in our store.

Are they safe for Rats & Mice?

You might wonder, well, I have a rat/mouse, are these safe for them? Well to answer your question, yes, however, there are a few toys you will want to avoid. Rats & mice can’t have any toy containing wood(we use pine), as most woods contain natural oils that aren’t recommended for rats & mice. Every other toy is safe and they absolutely love our seagrass toys 🙂