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premium rabbit accessories

Discover our extensive collection of high-quality, award-winning custom rabbit accessories. Immerse yourself in our range of handmade cage accessories; such as rabbit beds, liners & bedding, toys, tunnels, treats, and more!

Discover our collection of bunny goodness!

explore our premium pet essentials

Explore our collection of boutique handmade rabbit cage accessories. We craft every product with love and care, to ensure your little bun bun’s new favourite thing is both safe and durable. Check them out below!

Australian fleece liners
Absorbent reusable & odour reducing!

cage liners & bedding

Who says that pets can’t be stylish? With Teacup Nethies, your pet’s fashion sense will take a leap forward. Plus, we make our cage liners and bedding from high-quality materials to give your pet the softest and most comfortable experience possible!

Teacup nethies donut bed - rabbit acccessories
Snuggle safe goodness

bunny beds

Hop into Teacup Nethies’ world of snuggly rabbit beds! From plush corner snuggle beds to dreamy pillow beds, we handcraft each piece with love and care. Because every bunny deserves a stylish snoozing spot!

C&c cage by teacup nethies
Find your next bunny wonderland!

C&C cages

Discover the ultimate rabbit haven with our C&C cages! Crafted for your furry friend’s utmost comfort and happiness, these spacious, customisable enclosures redefine rabbit living. Say goodbye to cramped quarters and hello to boundless play, exercise, and socialisation.

Rabbit accessories
Hide-n-seek fun tunnels


So tired of settling for the usual boring tunnel? Meet Teacup Nethies Tunnels. We all know our little fur babies love to zoom in and out of tunnels. While others just want to sit inside them, so why not get a funky one! One that’s soft to lie in, and has removable potty pads. Hours of fun for ever bun!

Corner pet hammock front
Lounging in comfort is a breeze!


Swing into Teacup Nethies’ breezy world of rabbit hammocks! Whether they’re lounging above or hiding below, our handmade hammocks are every bunny’s dream come true. Set up your rabbit’s new relaxation spot.

Fleece canopy curtain by teacup nethies
Fleece veils for bunny tails!

fleece curtains

Step into Teacup Nethies’ whimsical world of Fleece Forest Curtains! Perfect for bunnies who love a game of hide-and-seek, these curtains offer a cozy retreat while adding a splash of colour to their habitat. Watch your rabbit hop, hide, and play in their cool, vibrant pen, blending both fun and comfort in one delightful package!

Rabbit accessories
Nutritious and irresistible

bunny treats

Spoil your bunny with our delicious range of treats! Handmade by Farmer Pete’s with love, each treat promises a burst of flavour and nutrition. Perfect for pampering, these treats are the ultimate way to show them just how special they are. Hop in and let the nibbling begin!

Bunny with seagrass activity mat toy
Hoppin' Fun!

rabbit toys

Celebrate playtime with our Australian handmade rabbit toys, designed for both fun and safety. From chewable seagrass treasures to engaging throwable toys, our collection ensures your bunny is endlessly hopping in entertainment.

Small cuddle sacks / snuggle sacks by teacup nethies.
From snuggle sacks to hay bags

other accessories

Discover some of our other unique rabbit accessories. From snuggly cuddle sacks and bonding pouches to mess-free hay bags, protective lap pads and more. We also have gift cards for that next pressie.

Custom c&c cage setup. Fleece liners & fleece bedding made by teacup nethies
Quick Hops: Grab and Go!


Need your bunny products sent now? Then check out our range of pre-made, ready to ship products. Not only are they shipped faster, they are also cheaper!

Australian made & owned
2021 ausmumpreneur gold for the "handmade business award"
2023 roar awards - silver!
2022 ausmumpreneur silver in the "handmade business award"
2023 handmade business award - silver
2022 roar awards bronze - handmade

“Thank you so very much for wonderful products for our new babies and such speedy creation and delivery. My daughter and her little Pixie squeak and Dotty Detective were all thrilled with the new additions and have been loving them all. Highly recommended!”


“We LOVE the custom made fleece cage liner, potty pads and snuggle sack created by Elise. The customer service is wonderful and the craftsmanship is stunning. Thank you Teacup Nethies. We are delighted xx”

Discover the best rabbit cage accessories in Australia!

the ultimate handmade bunny accessories collection

Teacup Nethies takes rabbit enrichment seriously, crafting accessories that cater to a bunny’s natural behaviours and instincts. For example, our hay feeders/bags not only provide access to fresh hay, a crucial component of a rabbit’s diet, but also stimulate foraging instincts by requiring rabbits to work for their food. Our hides and tunnels provide a cosy place for rabbits to retreat and rest, while our interactive toys engage their natural playfulness and curiosity. Each product is carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that your rabbit has everything they need to thrive.

Rabbit in cuddle sack
Rabbit in pillow bed
Rabbit accessories
Winning at both reviews & awards: 900+ smiles and counting

the trusted choice for rabbit owners

With Teacup Nethies, you’re not just getting a rabbit accessory – you’re getting a product that’s backed by a commitment to excellence. The attention to detail and dedication to quality make Teacup Nethies the trusted choice for rabbit owners who want the best for their furry friends.

From cosy beds to interactive toys, each product is designed with a deep understanding of what rabbits need to thrive. With Teacup Nethies, you can be confident that you’re getting a product that’s not only functional but also thoughtfully crafted with your rabbit’s happiness in mind.

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Love love love the peekaboo hammock, as do my piggies!

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2 weeks ago
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Everything I ordered was in the boxes and was here really fast

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3 weeks ago
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Excellent quality - my pigs love it!

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4 weeks ago
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Great quality potty pads

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1 month ago
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Beanz and Becky love their two new floral fleece liners 🌸

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