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Fitted Cage Liner.

(6 reviews)
Many Small pet owners are switching to absorbent fleece cage liners. This is why. ...

C&C Ramp Liner

Keep the ramp clean with a teacupnethies bamboo ramp liner. Why Bamboo: Super ...
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Wooden Hutch Liner Set

Sizes 2pk set top = 42cm x 90cm liner ( 16cm x42cm cut out for ramp) bottom 100cm x 55cm ...
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C&C Absorbent Fleece Liner

(9 reviews)
C&C is a type of cage made out of grids and corflute, with so many creative ways to ...
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Absorbent Fleece Cage Liner

(23 reviews)
Many Small pet owners are NOW switching to absorbent fleece cage liners This is why: ...

Quality handmade fleece cage liners for your rabbits & guinea pigs

Are you sick of the mess? Well, we have the perfect product to both keep the mess down and improve your pet’s health. Fleece cage liners are the number one choice for all small pet owners. They make life so much easier by keeping a cage clean and cutting down on cleaning time. But most of all, they keep your small pet happy & healthy.


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