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Our wonderful customers have sent in their new setups for their furbabies, so we thought we would feature their creativity on our site. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your support.

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Quality handmade fleece cage liners for rabbits & guinea pigs

Are you sick of the mess? Well, we have the perfect product to both keep the mess down and improve your pet’s health. Fleece cage liners have become the number one choice for all Rabbits, Guinea pigs, and other small pets cages. They make life so much easier by keeping a cage clean and cutting down on cleaning time. But most of all, they keep your small pet happy & healthy. We also offer a range of quality handmade bedding to go with your brand new fleece cage liners.

Experience unmatched hygiene and maintenance

One of the paramount benefits of our cage liners is the promise of enhanced hygiene for your pets. The ease of cleaning these liners, as opposed to traditional bedding materials, makes for a sanitary environment. Just a quick shake, a wash (our wash bags are great for your washing machine & maintaining your liner 😉), and you’re good to go. This not only saves you precious time but ensures that your pet’s habitat remains pristine and fresh.

A pocket-friendly choice over time

While there’s an initial investment, in the long run, our cage liners prove to be economical. Their durability and washability mean fewer trips to the store for replacement beddings, translating to savings for you and a consistent comfort for your pet.

Make an eco-conscious decision

Shifting to reusable cage liners means less waste and a step towards a more sustainable future. Every time you use and reuse, you’re contributing to a planet-friendly initiative.

Unparalleled comfort for your furry buddy

The soft texture of the cage liners ensures that your pets have a plush space to rest and play. No more cold cage bottoms or rough beddings; just pure, soft comfort every day.

When style complements function

Our cage liners are designed keeping aesthetics in mind. With a variety of patterns and hues, they not only cater to your pet’s comfort but also add a touch of charm to their habitat.

Why choose our fleece cage liners?

Our commitment at Teacup Nethies is to provide both pet owners and pets with a product that combines quality, functionality, and aesthetics. By opting for our fleece cage liners, you’re ensuring a happy, healthy, and vibrant living space for your beloved pets. Dive into our collection and discover the ideal liner for your furry friend’s habitat.