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Our wonderful customers have sent in their new setups for their furbabies, so we thought we would feature their creativity on our site. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your support.

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Hop into Handcrafted Comfort: Fleece Tunnels for Bunnies!

Introducing Craftsmanship at its Fluffiest:

We’re not just bunny tunnel makers; we’re the purveyors of bunny delight! Each of our fleece tunnels is meticulously handcrafted with an extra dash of love, ensuring your pet experiences comfort that’s unmatched.

Banish Bunny Boredom:

Tired of seeing your fuzzy friend lounging listlessly? Discover our vibrant collection and watch as the mundane transforms into fun-filled play sessions. Our rabbit fleece tunnels are boredom-busters, promising hours of fun and exploration for your inquisitive rabbit.

Quality, not Just a Word but a Promise:

Handmade doesn’t just mean a personal touch; it signifies quality. Each stitch, cut, and pattern is crafted to perfection, ensuring our tunnels stand up to those energetic bunny sprints and lounging sessions. Say goodbye to wear and tear and hello to lasting, durable rabbit fun!

Customise to Your Bunny’s Desire:

One-size-fits-all? Not in our world! Every rabbit is unique, and their play space should be too. Whether you fancy a dash of polka dots, a splash of vibrant hues, or perhaps a calming pastel pattern, we’ve got you covered. Made-to-order means you have the reins! Choose the size, pattern, and colour to match your pet’s personality and your aesthetic.

The Perfect Blend of Form and Function:

While our rabbit tunnels are undeniably stylish, they’re also practical. The soft material ensures your rabbit’s delicate paws remain unharmed, all while giving them a cozy refuge to retreat to.

In a world of mass-produced pet accessories, stand out with our bespoke, handcrafted fleece tunnels. Let your rabbit experience luxury, fun, and comfort, all rolled into one. Because, at the end of the day, isn’t your furry pal worth it? Dive in and give your rabbit the treat they deserve! 🐰🎈