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Premium Fun Tunnel: Perfect for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Rats and Ferrets

When it comes to enhancing your pets' play environment, the perfect fun tunnel is an ideal choice. Specially designed for your guinea pig, rabbit, rat, or ferret, this fun tunnel serves as a fun and interactive playhouse that your little furry friends are bound to enjoy.

Abundant Entry Points for Adventurous Exploration

Our smallest furry friends possess an inherent curiosity that encourages them to explore their surroundings. This fun tunnel caters to their explorative needs, with as many as five entries. The design includes four boned entries that are designed to remain open, enabling your pets to easily move in and out. At the centre of this design is a peek-a-boo hole that adds to the fun.

The peek-a-boo hole can be oriented towards the floor or the roof, depending on your pets' preference and comfort. The flexible positioning of the hole gives your pet the choice to either peak out of it or use it as a secondary exit or entry point.

Quick Escape for Playful Pets

Pets can be playful, and sometimes, they may need a quick escape from their playmates. This fun tunnel serves that purpose effectively. The design ensures that your pet has multiple exits to quickly retreat and hide from their playful buddies whenever needed.

Suitable Size for Different Small Animals

The fun tunnel is perfectly sized for various pets. It is a great choice for rats, ferrets, and guinea pigs. Furthermore, it's also large enough to accommodate small to medium rabbits comfortably.

Detailed Size Specification

The fun tunnel stretches to a length of 65cm, providing ample space for your pets to roam, explore and play. The middle of the tunnel, which includes the centre peek-a-boo hole, measures 38cm, with the hole itself having a diameter of 12cm. The ends of the tunnel extend to a generous 22cm. This spacious design ensures your pets have plenty of room to play and rest.

Versatile Design To Meet All Your Needs

Our fun tunnel's large size ensures it meets all your needs, providing ample space for your pets to move around. The design is flexible and versatile. If you prefer an entirely enclosed middle section for your pets, you can also request that we remove the centre peek-a-boo hole (leave in notes at checkout). This flexibility allows you to customise the tunnel according to your pets' preferences and your specific requirements.

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  1. Avery (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | auQueensland, Australia

    My girls love the fun tunnel, to the point I have to swap what cage it’s in each day so they all get a go!! The hole in the middle makes it so they don’t get stuck and easier to clean as well!!!

  2. Avery Nield (verified owner)

    My girls love it. I set it up in their play pen while I was cleaning their main cage. After a few zoomies I came back to find both of them asleep in a section of their own.

  3. Bron A. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    my piggies love

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