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handmade guinea pig accessories

Shop our premium handmade guinea pig accessories today and pamper your furry friend like never before. From luxury bedding to top-notch toys and treats, we offer only high-quality products. Join satisfied customers who have experienced the joy of our award-winning collection.

explore our collection of delightful piggie goodness!

award-winning pet accessories

Shop our handmade high-quality guinea pig cage accessories for ultimate pet comfort and luxury. Browse our selection below and upgrade your pet’s living space.

Australian fleece liners
Absorbent reusable & odour reducing!

cage liners & bedding

Who claims pets can’t have flair? At Teacup Nethies, we take your pet’s fashion to the next level. Not only that, but our cage liners and bedding are crafted from top-grade materials to provide your furry friend with the utmost comfort and luxury!

Guinea pig bedding
Comfortable, warm & cozy

guinea pig beds

If you are looking for a cozy and comfortable place for your furry friend to rest, look no further than our premium handmade guinea pig beds. Our beds are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your guinea pig’s needs.

C&c cage by teacup nethies
Find your piggie paradise

C&C cages

Enhance your guinea pigs joy and comfort with our exceptional C&C cages. These roomy, customisable habitats revolutionise guinea pig living. Wave goodbye to confinement and usher in limitless play, exercise, and sociability. Guinea pigs deserve nothing less!

Guinea pig accessorise
Hide-n-seek piggie tunnels


Are you looking for a cozy and fun accessory for your furry friend? Look no further than our handmade guinea pig tunnels! These tunnels are made from soft fleece fabrics, and come in various colors and patterns. They are perfect for guinea pigs to snuggle, hide, and play in. 

Relaxing is a breeze!


Hey there, fellow guinea pig lovers! Want to spoil your cute little fur kids? We’ve got you covered with our handmade guinea pig hammocks. They are the perfect vacation spot for your piggies to lounge and hide in. They’ll love it! Check them out now and give them the comfort they deserve.

Guinea pig accessorise
Curtains of coziness

fleece curtains

Teacup Nethies’ guinea pig fleece curtains are the perfect way to add comfort and style to your furry friend’s abode. Handcrafted with care, they’ll keep your little one warm and snuggly while also adding some panache to their living space. Treat your BFF (Best Furry Friend) today!

Guinea pig accessorise
Nutritious and irresistible

piggie treats

Pig out with our treats that’ll make your piggie run circles! Made with love, these handmade guinea pig treats are jam-packed with flavour and nutrients that’ll keep your pet happy and healthy. Show your little piggy some love and let the snacking begin!

Guinea pig toys
Guinea Giggles Galore

guinea pig toys

Our Australian handmade toys are tailor made for your guinea pig’s excitement and safety. From seagrass chewable treasures to throwable toys that keep your piggie engaged, our collection guarantees endless popcorning. 

Hay bag with hay
From snuggle sacks to hay bags

other accessories

Discover more of our other accessories, including cuddle sacks, bonding pouches, hay bags, and lap pads. Make playtime and cuddle time even better! Plus, get gift cards for the guinea pig lover in your life.

Cosy beds for rabbits and guinea pigs


Are you eager to pamper your little buddy without the hassle of waiting? Check out our awesome pre-made guinea pig products – they are fast and budget-friendly. No need to fret about waiting for your order to be made – we’ve got you covered.

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Excellent quality - my pigs love it!

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Great quality potty pads

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Beanz and Becky love their two new floral fleece liners 🌸

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