Our Online Store & Handmade small pet products

Teacup Nethies provides Australia with small handmade pet bedding and accessories. Our great prices, friendly staff and great product quality will win you over. We pride our selves on delivering the best possible experience as an online retailer to you and your rabbit, guinea pig or other small friends.

We really want to make you and your pet rabbit, guinea pig, rodent or ferret as happy as can be and that is really our ultimate goal. Also being 100% Australian owned, as a family-owned this means every item is hand cut, sewn and posted off by us, we understand how hard it can be to deal with large international pet companies that view you just as another number on a receipt. Due to this, we aim to provide a personal touch, great prices and we only handmade the best products that we use on our own wonderful pets, not the products that provide the best margins as big companies do.

Teacup Nethies beautifully crafted handmade products, give your favourite small pet more fun and exciting new bedding and cage accessories to make them happy and healthy. We provide flat rate shipping for all customers. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to receive special coupons and offers for your small pet supplies and accessories.

We love animals (we have a lot of them, 10 bunnies + babies, 1 parrot and 1 dog. That’s why we are here to help where ever we can! This includes donating to local rescues and events! If you ever have any questions about the pet products you are buying, feel free to send us an email, or chat with us on our Facebook page. Also if you have any suggestions on products we should bring into our store, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Teacup Nethies specialize in breeding purebred Netherland Dwarf rabbits for show and/or pets. Our bunnies are born and raised in our loving home. We handle our bunnies daily, they are full of personality because of this. Our beautiful rabbits are very robust little guys, they’re quiet with lots of love and cuddles to share with you.

We pride ourselves on breeding quality rabbits, with great temperaments and full of personality. But we only breed 1-2 times a year giving our buns lots of rest, love and time they deserve and we don’t breed over summer!

What we Offer for our baby bunnies

We offer our customers a range of services including.

  • Birth certificate for your bunny.
  • Advice and free information booklet on health, training, care, etc.
  • All bunnies come wormed, mite and lice treated with nails clipped
  • Advice on the best housing methods to suit your situation.
  • 7 day a week phone support.
  • All bunnies go home with a bag of hay and bag of high fibre Pellets.
  • Photos can be sent of whole litters or of individual rabbit/s
  • Supply of pedigree certificate if needed ( $10 fee + $2.95 postage)

We take great pride in giving every bunny the best start in life and that starts with the breeding stock. Our does and bucks live on a 5-star diet, with regular health checks. Our rabbits have big spacious cages, with fresh water and hay daily, also we provide them with fresh green foliage and vegetables.

Additionally, our rabbits have large playpens to have a run and play in the tunnels.

Teacup Nethies uses our handmade fleece liners within our rabbit’s enclosures, as they absorb any water into its centre, keeping our rabbit’s feet dry, with a reduced smell, and keeping them much warmer in colder months. Making cleaning quicker and easier, we pull them out and shake off any mess and the best part they can be washed! ( liners available in the online store).

Our baby rabbits are brought inside once weaned, to be around other pets, household noises and children, this keeps them calm around noises as they get older, and helps them become comfortable being handled by little kids.

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