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Pet Treats from Farmer Pete’s

Our new range of pet treats come from a brand new business that Teacup Nethies has partnered with to bring you a new locally sourced (Regional NSW) high-quality handmade pet treat range that won’t disappoint. We are very excited to be the first to sell the new Farmer Pete’s range of yummy treats for your rabbit, guinea pig, or other small pets. We are sure you and your pets will love them as much as we do.

A little from Farmer Pete’s

“New small family-owned and run business making quality homemade treats for pets. As pet owners and lovers, we got sick of paying an arm and a leg for animal snacks that were full of, let’s face it, stuff that’s not good for our fur babies. Farmer Pete’s make treats with fresh and natural products 100% locally sourced and made on our little hobby farm in Eungai Creek in regional NSW.
As our family pets both great and small loved our new creations! 🐕🐇🐀


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