Our Products Have Won Multiple Awards

Teacup Nethies has been awarded with a number of awards for its handmade Guinea Pig and Rabbit products. These include Gold in AusMumpreneur’s 2021 Handmade Business Award, Silver in AusMumpreneur’s 2022 Handmade Business Award, Australian Enterprise Awards’ 2022 Best Pet Bedding & Accessories NSW & Silver in AusMumpreneur’s 2021 Overcoming The Odds. As well as finalists in many other awards (we are still awaiting the outcome of some of these).

What makes our Guinea Pig and Rabbit handmade products so special?

The main reason people have been so drawn to us and our handmade products are because of our high-quality standards, large range of options, customer service and our friendly can-do attitude to work with them to cater for their cage size and needs. We provide many sizes, fun and funky colours and patterns to allow our customers to customise their cages until their hearts are content.

For these very reasons, we have been nominated in multiple awards, and as a result, have won or became finalists in many award categories.

We thank each and every one of our amazing customers for supporting us each and every day ❤️ we wouldn’t be where we are, without YOU! So thank you!