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Teacupnethies bonding pouch

Our new way to cuddle your pet, nice and close while they feel safe and supported.

Amazing for those little furry pets with anxiety or special needs, who want to be close to you hear your heart beat. Keeping your hands free.
Cuddle on the move on the lounge were ever you please.

perfect for all small pets even the small puppy can fit!

Easy going design with no straps. Your little one can crawl right around your neck.
Soft fleece with elastic. The tag end is smaller while the front is deeper.


Small - approx 17cm deep ( guineapigs,rats,small rabbits, ferrets)

Large - approx 30cm deep ( large rabbits, small puppy even the cat)

100% custom &
handmade by us
Over 450 positive
product reviews
Award Winning
handmade products
Trusted family owned
Australian business



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