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Discover the benefits of our Absorbent Fleece Cage Liners for your puppy crate

Are you fed up with the recurring costs and environmental burden of disposable bedding like plastic puppy pads? Do the lingering odours and bacteria have you seeking a superior solution? Join the growing number of dog owners who are turning the tide and embracing a more effective, environmentally friendly choice.
Introducing Teacup Nethies' Handmade Dog Crate Absorbent Fleece Liners - the breakthrough in pet care you've been waiting for! Crafted with care, these liners promise to improve your pet's comfort while significantly reducing odours and bacteria. Step into the future of pet care, and experience firsthand the multitude of advantages that these innovative liners bring to your furry friend's crate:

  1. Simplicity Redefined: Forget complicated pet care accessories. We designed our liners with ease of use in mind.
  2. Swift and Easy Cleaning: Time is precious. Our liners provide a quick and hassle-free cleaning process, giving you more time to enjoy with your beloved pet.
  3. Promotes Pet Health: They aren't just for convenience, they're designed with your puppies' well-being in mind. Improve their overall health with this thoughtful addition to their crate.
  4. Stylish and Vibrant Designs: Who said pet care can't be fun? Our puppy crate liners come in funky and colourful patterns that will add a touch of charm to your pet's space.
  5. Eco-friendly Solution: Join the green revolution in pet care. These liners are an environmentally friendly choice, helping you reduce your carbon paw print.
  6. Reusable and Cost-Effective: Say goodbye to recurring costs. Our liners are reusable, making them a smart and budget-friendly investment for the long-term care of your dog🐶.
  7. Odour Minimisation: Keep your pet's space fresh and inviting. We design our liners to effectively reduce odours, maintaining a pleasant environment.
  8. Travel Made Easy: No more worries about sliding during travel. Our liners ensure a safe and secure environment for your pet, making every journey a comfortable one.

Our Handmade Custom Puppy Fleece Liners.

Bid a permanent farewell to the inconvenience of foul-smelling plastic puppy pads! Welcome a new era of pet care with Teacup Nethies' crate and travel absorbent liners. We've meticulously crafted our liners using two layers of polar fleece and one layer of 5mm thick non-toxic absorbent material, ensuring your pet enjoys maximum dryness and comfort whether they're travelling or resting in their crate.

Our uniquely designed liners actively draw moisture away from the fleece surface, transporting it to the absorbent core. This process effectively minimises unpleasant odours, granting you a clean and fresh pet space. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with chewed-up puppy pads or cleaning up after your pet has moved their pad around the crate.

But our liners aren't just about practicality. They also infuse a sense of style and fun into your pet's environment. Choose from a variety of playful, funky patterns and colours that either complement your home's décor or mirror your pet's vibrant personality.

Featuring a Super Absorbent Core

Our non-toxic absorbent layer works wonders. It draws moisture away from the fleece layer, keeping your pet's feet and the fleece surface dry. Handcrafted with love and care, every liner is a product of dedication and passion, made right here on the Mid North Coast (NSW) of Australia.

Our versatile liners are perfect for:

Dog/Puppy Crates

Ideal for those employing crate training. Our absorbent fleece liners provide a washable, cost-effective alternative to disposable puppy pads. They offer a soft, dry resting spot without bunching up or leaving debris. No more chewed-up puppy pads to clean up!

Carry & Travel Cage

Perfect for car rides, vet visits, or holidays. These liners offer a soft, comfortable surface while also handling any potential accidents during travel. Each liner can be custom made to fit any size crate or travel cage.

Whelping Box

Our liners provide a washable, absorbent surface that offers soft, dry bedding for both mother and puppies.

Show Cage

Ideal for long-haired pets ready for a show. Our liners prevent re-knotting of hair and keep fur free from wood shavings. They also ensure dry feet, adding to your pet's comfort.

The bonus? Our liners are reversible, featuring two unique patterns for twice the fun and style. Choose Teacup Nethies' Absorbent Fleece Liners and bring home the future of pet care.

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