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handmade rabbit toys

Our handmade rabbit toys are the perfect way to keep your bunny entertained and active! They provide a variety of benefits including mental stimulation, physical exercise and environmental enrichment.

Australian made & owned
2021 ausmumpreneur gold for the "handmade business award"
2022 ausmumpreneur silver in the "handmade business award"
2021 ausmumpreneur silver for the "overcoming the odds award"
She-com 2nd place for absorbent liners
2022 roar awards bronze - handmade
Flower bamboo trap rabbit toys
100% safe for your rabbit + 100% Fun!

colourful & Fun

Bring joy and colour to your little one’s life! Keep your furry friend entertained and happy. Our bunny toys are also 100% safe, as we only use food dyes for natural colouring and make them from safe materials, such as seagrass, bamboo, natural vines, cardboard, and untreated wood. 


“Very pretty and well made… my buns were all over it when it arrived and it’s held up well to some intense chewing!”

Don't like coloured toys? we have you covered.

The natural look

If you’re not a fan of coloured rabbit toys, we’ve got you covered. Our natural rabbit toys are 100% safe for your pet and come in an array of shapes and sizes that will suit any fussy bun. They are made from quality materials, our toys are durable and long-lasting. Moreover, they help promote a playful and healthy lifestyle for your furry friend. So what are you waiting for? Pick up one or two today!

Natural foraging basket 27

“Lola LOVED this. She didn’t do a whole lot of tossing, but a whole lot of chewing. It’s such a cute toy and the colours are beautiful”

Seagrass rope ball
Chew, roll, throw and push
Flower toss 1
We all love flowers, so do buns!
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