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product description

Teacup Clear C&C Cage 

Introducing our Clear C&C guinea pig & Rabbit habitat, tailored to create a delightful and secure environment for your furry friends. This habitat features crystal-clear acrylic walls, offering an unobstructed view for your guinea pigs to observe their world (and for you to monitor these charming, playful creatures!).

Our 2x5 C&C guinea pig habitat is ideally sized to comfortably house up to 2-4 guinea pigs. Setting up their new abode is a breeze; just connect the panels, and you're ready to welcome your guinea pigs. Remember to peel off the protective film on the acrylic panels before assembling.

The Cages Acrylic panels are fully transparent, perfect for young pets, and help prevent the habit of bar chewing. Additionally, the grid's coating is non-toxic, ensuring safety even if your pets decide to nibble.

We've included a coreflute base in each cage for maximum paw comfort. For added luxury and moisture absorption, consider adding an absorbent fleece liner.

If you're looking to expand their living space, explore adding a Stand for additional storage and elevated comfort.


Panoramic Transparency: Offer your pets a panoramic view with clear panels, allowing them to watch the world and letting you enjoy every adorable moment.

Customisable Comfort: Tailor-make the perfect haven with our teacup C&C cage, adaptable to your pets' needs and your aesthetic preferences. Accessorise with our array of fleece liners and extras!

Effortless Cleaning: Thanks to the C&C design, maintaining a pristine cage is simple. It features an open top (or an easy-to-open lid) and a 180-degree rotating swing door for comprehensive access sold separately

No-Fuss Assembly: Assemble your Cage quickly and effortlessly. The connectors snap together easily, and the push stud screws coroplast base requires no additional tools. A Free Hammer is also included to help get clear panels nice and snuggly

Generous Space: We prioritise ample space for pets to frolic and play, exceeding standard cage size recommendations and offering double the area of conventional habitats.

Un compromised Safety: From the non-toxic coatings to the clear panels and robust coroplast base, we ensure a safe environment for your small pets, suitable even for young ones.

Expert Craftsmanship: Developed by specialists in small animal care, our products are crafted with your pets' safety and happiness as our top priority.

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