Litter training your rabbit? Is it possible?

Litter training your rabbit Is it possible 1

Litter Training

So you may think that it’s time to litter train your pet bunny. Those “pee’s and poo’s” are getting out of control. Well, we have the tips and tricks to help you out along the way. It doesn’t matter if your bunny is older or just a little baby, it is possible. But warning, like any change, you must have patience and persistence, but it’s worth it in the end!

What You Will Need

Firstly a litter box will be handy. We do stock a variety in our online store, but we suggest a large enough one for your rabbit to be comfortable, even a cat litter box will suffice.

Secondly, choosing the right litter is essential. Like most bunny’s they seem to just love to use their hay as a perfect place to do their business. But we would prefer for them to be able to eat their hay. 

So we suggest using recycled paper based pellet. Or a recycled wood pellet litter as you can use these in gardens and they also are eucalyptus scented.  These litters are the best as they absorb all wetness and reduce any unpleasant odors.  You can purchase these litter products from our online store. But we have experienced that it isn’t the best idea to use wood shavings as it holds the smell!

But please remember do NOT use any litter that contains cedar, cedar oils, zinc or any pine, clumping or cat litters as these products are harmful to your bunny.

Starting Toilet Training

Once you’ve set up your litter tray, putting it in the right position in your cage or home is essential. An enclosed area of your home is a good place to start toilet training.

Our little furry friends often like to eat and poop at the same time. So position your litter tray underneath their food; for example, a hanging basket of hay. This will definitely encourage your bunny to get the idea of using the litter tray properly.

Train your bunny

There Will Be Accidents

It does take time. Be patient, if your bunny keeps doing their business elsewhere, pick up the droppings and put them in the litter tray. Or if she has piddled on the ground try and clean it up straight away. We also suggest using a fleece liner around the litter tray as it will absorb any “bad aimed wee’s”. Our online store sells fleece liners and drip pads for any wet areas.

If your bunny seems to consistently marking his territory it might come down that he needs to be spayed/ neutered in order to ease his feelings of marking his territory.

Once your bunny consistently uses the litter box, you can gradually expand her area. If your rabbit then starts to “forget” about her litter box, make sure you place her back on the litter tray, so she gets the idea that’s where she needs to go to the toilet. Then reduce the area she has access to, and repeat the steps again.

Also, never get mad or scold your rabbit or use physical discipline. Rabbits are easily frightened and your rabbit might end up scared of you. So make sure you praise her when she uses her litter tray correctly, or even give her a treat.

You could also make sure you put your rabbit on her litter tray regularly. As time progresses, space out the time between the reminder visits to use her litter tray, she will get the idea and use the tray when needed.

Eventually, with time and the “persistence and patience,” we talk about at the start of the article. Your bunny will shape his behavior and he will be a well-behaved toilet trained bunny to share your home with. We hope these tips have been helpful!