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Teacup Nethies' Pillow Bed: A cozy refuge for all small pets! Ready to ship

It is no secret that our small, furry companions enjoy snug, closed spaces. Whether it be a hidden nook behind the fleece tunnel, a snug corner of the cage, or snuggled up against their fellow furry friends, they invariably seek comfort and warmth in secret spaces. Recognising this instinctive preference, Teacup Nethies introduces the Pillow Bed — A place where small pets can find comfort and relaxation.

The ideal relaxation spot for small pets

Our Pillow Bed offers the perfect spot for your rabbit or guinea pig to unwind and relax. With a compact, cozy layout, this small pet bed offers the snug, comfortable environment that small pets adore while offering ample space for lounging. To ensure easy cleaning and optimum hygiene, each pillow bed comes equipped with a removable potty pad nestled in the middle.

Beneficial for pets with special needs

Aside from providing a comfortable abode for all small pets, our Pillow Bed has gained popularity among owners of pets with special needs. The Pillow Bed is a comforting and secure place to rest and recover, whether it's after surgery or due to a lifelong disability.

Customisation for weather conditions and sizes

At Teacup Nethies, we understand the importance of seasonally appropriate bedding. Hence, we offer our Pillow Beds in cotton for the warmer months and fleece for the chilly season, ensuring your pet's comfort year-round. Moreover, our pillow beds come in three different sizes to accommodate all pets:

  • Small: 33cm x 38cm (12cm middle)
  • Medium: 40cm x 45cm (15cm middle)
  • Large: 53cm x 48cm (17cm middle)
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