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product description

Teacup C&C Cage Lid  let enhance your C&C cage experience with our pet safe and user-friendly Lid . Not only do lid doors enhance ergonomics and simplify cleaning all while keeping your pets safe, but they. Choose the perfect stand size Lid on your cage dimensions:

kits includes

  • Lid Kit 2x3 : 5 grids, 3 Door grids and 4 connectors, Zipties 
  • Lid Kit 2x4 : 7 grids, 4 Door grids and 6 connectors, Zipties
  • Lid Kit 2x5: 9 grids, 4 Door Grids and 12 connectors, Zipties 

Rest assured, our powder-coated grids are designed to withstand normal use, ensuring durability during routine tasks like cleaning the cage or changing the liner. While extremely naughty determined pets might nibble small parts of the coating, it's completely safe as the coating is non-toxic. Upgrade to Teacup C&C for a superior cage stand experience!

NOT INCLUDED - corflute base or cage walls sold separately

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