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product description

Clear C&C panel

Transform your pets abode into a luxurious retreat with our sleek C&C  Clear panels designed for small pet habitats. Each panel boasts a crystal-clear finish, offering a stylish flair while preventing your savvy nibblers from gnawing on conventional bars!
Their streamlined design seamlessly integrates into any teacup C&C cage layout, making them an ideal choice for young pets —minimising the risk of them getting trapped or plotting a grand escape. Don't forget to peel off the protective film on both sides prior to setup!
Offer peace of mind to your cherished fluff, and maintain vigilant watch over your tiny escapade artists with these clear teacup panels!

Utterly transparent: Grant your pets an unobstructed view of their surroundings with our clear panels, fostering a connection as they keep tabs on you, ensuring you never miss a moment of their joyful antics!
Tailored for customisation: Craft the ultimate small pet haven with a C&C teacup cage tailored to satisfy every whim of your pet and your personal style. Enhance it with our extensive collection of fleece liners and accessories!

Safety for all Pets: Conventional cage designs may present risks to young pigs or those of smaller stature, with potential for getting stuck or escaping. Our clear panels, paired with a dense grid, are designed to mitigate these risks!

At Teacupnethies, we're passionate about Small pets, with our product innovation team being experts in their domain. Rest assured, each item is crafted with the safety and happiness of your pet in mind.

The Clear Acrylic C&C Panel 35 x 35 cm

Ensure the protective film is removed from the clear panels when assembling the habitat. Although this setup is appropriate for baby piggies and buns, it's crucial to verify its suitability for your pet's size, as each pet varies.


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