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product description

Introducing our Teacupnethies Guinea Pig & Rabbit Grids – the backbone of a customisable and spacious habitat for your furry friends. Engineered with precision, these grids provide a secure and versatile framework, allowing you to create the perfect environment for your pets

**1. Optimal Grid Size:** Our 35cm x 35cm grids strike the ideal balance between stability and flexibility. Customize your guinea pig or Rabbits enclosure effortlessly, ensuring a snug fit and structural integrity.

**2. Secure Grid Hole Size:** With a mesh configuration, our grids guarantee your guinea pigs' & Rabbits safety. Preventing accidental entrapment, these grids offer freedom of movement while ensuring security within the enclosure. The new recommended grid by vets

**3. Sturdy Construction:** Crafted from high-quality materials, our grids are designed to withstand the weight and activities of pet. Rest easy, knowing your pets are safely contained within a sturdy enclosure.

**4. Easy Assembly:** Say goodbye to pain screwed and nails, our easy push connectors simplifying the assembly process. Modify or expand your cage effortlessly, without the need for additional tools.

**5. Endless Customization:** Embrace creativity with our modular grid design. Build multi-level habitats, ramps, and hideouts, providing an enriching environment for your pet to explore and enjoy.

**6. Seamless Integration:** Our grids seamlessly integrate with the Teacup C&C Cages, ensuring a cohesive and secure enclosure. Combine them with our coreflute base for a complete and comfortable living space for your pets.

Embrace a habitat with Teacupnethies Guinea Pig & Rabbit Grids – where stability meets adaptability, allowing you to create a tailored environment that promotes your pets' happiness and well-being.


x6 grids in pack

x12 grids in pack 

important- corflute base and connectors NOT included

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made with love.
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