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product description

Teacupnethies Teacup C&C Cages & liner combo

an innovative habitat designed to elevate the living experience for your beloved guinea pigs. Crafted with care and expertise, these cages redefine comfort and customization, ensuring your furry friends thrive in their environment.

**What sets our Teacup C&C Cages apart:**

**1. Optimal Grid Size:** Featuring 35cm x 35cm grids, our cages strike the perfect balance between stability and adaptability. Customized your cage dimensions effortlessly while ensuring unwavering sturdiness.

**2. Secure Grid Hole Size:** Our dense hole configuration guarantees your guinea pigs' safety by preventing any accidental entrapment, ensuring they roam freely and securely.

**3. Durable Coreflute Base:** Crafted from 5mm thick coreflute, the base offers unmatched durability. It withstands guinea pigs' playful antics and weight while being a breeze to clean, maintaining a pristine environment.

**4. Effortless Assembly:** Say goodbye to complex connectors. Our cages utilize convenient push studs, simplifying assembly, modification, and expansion. No tools required – it's hassle-free.

**5. Limitless Customisation:** Embrace creativity with our modular design. Build multi-level habitats, ramps, and cozy hideouts, fostering an enriching space for exploration and enjoyment.

**6. Easy Cleaning:** Disassembly is a breeze, ensuring thorough cleaning with minimal effort. A clean habitat is crucial for your guinea pigs' health, and our design prioritizes your convenience.

**7. Budget-Friendly:** Enjoy a spacious, comfortable habitat without breaking the bank. Our Teacup C&C Cages offer a cost-effective solution, making quality guinea pig housing accessible to all pet owners.

**What's Included:**
-  Black Grids & Connectors for size selected
- 1 x Grey Waterproof Corflute Insert/Base
- 1 x Cable Ties
- Push Stud Fasteners for Coreflute
- 1x Absorbent  Fleece Liner to fit

*Important Note: Grids are designed for walls, not the floor. Ideal for guinea pigs 6 months or older.*

**Enhance Your Cleaning Experience:** Pair your Teacup C&C Cage with our Teacupnethies Absorbent Fleece Liner for effortless cleaning, ensuring a hygienic and cozy habitat for your guinea pigs.

Elevate your guinea pigs' living space with Teacupnethies C&C Guinea Pig Cages – where comfort meets customisation, making your pets' well-being our top priority.

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handmade by us
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customer reviews
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