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product description

New 2x5 Teacup C&C cages

What is it?
C&C guinea pig cages, short for Cubes and Coroplast (or coreflute), are customisable enclosures designed to provide a spacious and comfortable living environment for guinea pigs. These cages consist of wire grid panels (cubes) that are connected to create the walls and a base made of corrugated plastic sheeting (Coroplast or coreflute) to prevent bedding and mess from spilling out.

The wire grid panels allow for proper ventilation and visibility, ensuring your guinea pigs get fresh air and can interact with their surroundings. The modular nature of C&C cages allows owners to adjust the size and layout according to their preferences and available space. These cages can be easily expanded or modified to create multi-level habitats, providing enrichment and exercise opportunities for guinea pigs.

Additionally, the Coroplast base is easy to clean and maintain, making it convenient for pet owners.  By using C&C guinea pig cages, owners can create a safe, spacious, and stimulating environment for their pets, promoting their well-being and happiness.

Teacup C&C cages offer several advantages that contribute to making it one of the best options for C&C guinea pig cages:

1. **Optimal Grid Size:** The 35cm x 35cm grid size provides an ideal balance between structural stability and flexibility. It allows for easy customization of cage dimensions while ensuring the grids remain sturdy and secure.

2. **Grid Hole Size:** With dense type hole configuration, these grids prevent guinea pigs from getting their heads stuck between the wires, ensuring their safety and security within the enclosure.

3. **Coreflute Thickness:** The 5mm thick coreflute offers durability and resilience. It provides a solid base that can withstand the weight of guinea pigs and their activities while being easy to clean and maintain.

4. **Push Screw Studs:** Using push screw studs simplifies the assembly process. This design feature makes it convenient for pet owners to set up, modify, or expand the cage as needed without the hassle of complicated connectors or tools.

5. **Customization:** The modular nature of these grids and coreflute sheets allows for endless customisation possibilities. Pet owners can create multi-level structures, ramps, and hideouts within the cage, providing an enriching environment for guinea pigs to explore and enjoy.

6. **Easy Cleaning:** The design allows for easy access, making it effortless to clean the cage thoroughly. Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining the hygiene and health of guinea pigs.

7. **Cost-Effective:** Assembling a C&C cage using these specific grid and coreflute dimensions can be cost-effective compared to purchasing pre-made cages. It offers pet owners a budget-friendly option for providing a spacious and comfortable habitat for their guinea pigs.

Discover the future of pet housing with our innovative C&C cages,. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our cages feature 35cm x 35cm grids with smaller dense holes, ensuring utmost safety for your pets. The 5mm thick coreflute base provides a sturdy foundation, while the convenient push studs allow effortless assembly. This winning combination of practicality, safety, and customisation makes our C&C guinea pig cages the preferred option among discerning pet owners and trusted by veterinarians. Enhance your pet's living experience and give them the comfort they deserve.

hot tip! When using a Teacupnethies  C&C Absorbent fleece liners  you will simplify your cleaning even more

Size Overall - 77cm x 192cm

Living Space-  70cm x177m

What’s included:

  • 14 x Black Grids ( Walls) & 28 connectors
  • 1 x  Grey Water Proof Corflute Insert/Base
  • 1 x Cable Ties
  • 4 xPush Stud Fasteners for Coreflute
  • 1x Plastic Hammer

Important (​Grids are for the cage walls, not the floor) Indoor use only


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