Why Avoid flaky bedding (Woodshavings)

Litter training your rabbit Is it possible

❌ Why avoid dusty flaky bedding ❌

Wood shavings, care fresh are all flaky bedding just to name a few. 

Rabbits and guineapigs Are lower to the ground so are vulnerable to serious problems from flaky bedding. Baby’s more then adults 

List of problems caused by flaky bedding but not limited to. 

🐾 skin sores

🐾 allergies ( humans and pets) 

🐾 bum swelling or urine burn

🐾 eye irritation and even infections

🐾 sore hocks, bumble foot ( foot sore) 

🐾 confusion over the toilet area ( no obvious place, if the toilet is everywhere) 

Maintain a clear floor in runs, cages and hutches, cardboard topped with absorbent fleece, coreflute with absorbent fleece is my preference! Be sure whatever you choose to use that it’s non-toxic. teacupnethies absorbent liners are non toxic and environmentally friendly.

Tiles or slippery plastic, wood or laminate flooring if living on it 24/7 can still cause hock sores so a fabric cover is always great, the occasional run will not be a problem. 

Fleece liners may seam expensive at first but will be cheaper in the long run. Being machine washable so easy to clean when bunny is still being toilet trained. Or organising a kitchen area for the piggies, liners will last a long time saving money.

With outdoor areas grass matting is popular but keep in mind they may be toxic if imported, as they are sprayed with insecticides when they come into the country. Wash them thoroughly with neutral detergent, and dry In The sun for a few days. Absorbent bedding in sleeping areas are recommended. 

Litter should be fragrance free, wood or recycle paper is the best. 

I use breeders choice paper pellets. 

The ideas are endless with what you can do with there home. Make it fun they will love you for it.  We have a large range of accessories and patterns for every taste.