Rabbit toys and their benefits

Rabbit Toys Australia

Did you know rabbits love toys? A lot of people don’t realize they love them just as much as a dog or a cat. In fact, there are many types of rabbit toys available for your bunny, some of these include; chew/throwing/hang toys and even puzzles! Rabbits benefit from toys not only from the entertainment value, but also they provide many health benefits, providing it is of a good quality.

Health Benefits that rabbit toys provide your bunny

Chewing on a well-made chew toy helps your rabbit keep his/her teeth well trimmed which prevents the need to have them trimmed. However not every bunny will chew on a chew toy, some will just simply throw it around as a form of entertainment, which is good also! Chew toys prevent the need to chew on items they’re not allowed to chew on, like your furniture. One not so obvious health benefit of rabbit toys is the ability to reduce stress levels when consistently using them as a form of entertainment. As with humans, stress in bunnies can really affect their quality of life, so it is very important to reduce stress as much as possible.

Rabbits need mental stimulation just like humans, so using toys stimulates them mentally and helps keep boredom levels down which in turn also helps keep their levels of destruction to a minimum.

Foraging/puzzle toys, such as boredom box’s or even a toy ball filled with hay, are great for your bunny! This is because they mimic the foraging and sorting they would normally do in the wild, which greatly improves happiness and keeps them mentally stimulated, as well as a nice treat at the end that fills their bellies!

Tips for picking a quality toy!

I will admit that shopping for a quality toy can be difficult at times, however, there are a couple of things I always look out for. The first thing I look out for is which materials are present in the toy. So materials like wood or hard plastics are fine, as long as they do not contain or have any toxic residues left over. However avoid soft plastics at all costs, as this could cause choking or even death. Next, I check that the dyes used (if used) are vegetable dyes and not a synthetic or toxic substitute as this can cause various health issues.

Alternatively, you could simply just go to our store and find a great quality toy 😛 Yes I am shamelessly plugging our business, but the fact is, it’s totally true haha. If you ever need help picking the right toy for your bunny, simply just contact us, or if you have a question, you could even just comment on this post 🙂

Also if you have any tips on spotting a great rabbit toy or any suggestions, feel free to comment below.