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Pre made fleece liners. - ready for immediate shipping

Discover the benefits of Teacup Nethies' Absorbent Fleece Cage Liners:

  1. Simplify your pet care routine.
  2. Efficient cleaning process.
  3. Enhance your pets' overall health.
  4. Choose from fun and funky designs.
  5. Embrace an environmentally friendly option.
  6. Reusable, saving you money.
  7. Enjoy reduced odours in your pet's space.

Our Handmade Custom Fleece Cage Liners

Swap out smelly wood shavings with our two layers of polar fleece and a 5mm thick non-toxic absorbent core. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning out odorous materials and hello to a dry, comfortable cage. Our liners actively wick moisture away, minimizing unpleasant odors and promoting small animals' well-being.

Super Absorbent Core

Guard against Bumble Foot, Sore Hocks, Urine Burn, or Scald with our highly absorbent, non-toxic layer. Handmade with care on the Mid North Coast (NSW) of Australia, these liners are suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, rats, and even dogs and cat pens.

Fleece Design & Choices

Elevate your pet's space with playful patterns and colors. Mix and match with our Potty Pads, Cuddle Sacks, Cosy Beds, and hides to create a themed setup.

Save Money in the Long Run

Despite the initial cost, our reusable fleece liners, crafted with dedication by owner Elise, last for years, saving you money and trips to the pet store.

How to clean

Spot clean daily, change and wash liners 5-7 days. Extend their lifespan by washing correctly – no softeners or dryer sheets. Machine washable and dryer-friendly, but line drying is recommended. Remember to wash before first use.

Tip: Use a Potty Pad in high-traffic areas. Note that this handmade product may vary in pattern placement.


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