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Introducing an Innovative Source of Delight: Our Enhanced Flat Bottom Tunnel
It's a universally acknowledged truth that our beloved furry companions have an affinity for tunnels. They revel in darting through, or sometimes simply lounging within, making tunnels their cherished haven. So, why not elevate their joy with a chic, whimsical, and incredibly practical upgrade? Our novel fun tunnels are far from ordinary; they are plush, cozy, and immobile, ensuring a snug space without the worry of rolling away.
Durable and Joy-Infused Tunnels that Remain Unyielding
A standout attribute of our fun tunnels is their exceptional sturdiness. In contrast to other models on the market, our tunnels are meticulously engineered to stand tall and never give in, no matter how exuberant your pets become. Moreover, our tunnels come with a convenient detachable potty pad for added ease.
Individually Handcrafted with Premium Materials
We take pride in fashioning our fun tunnels to offer both comfort and longevity. Every tunnel is meticulously crafted with soft fleece on both its interior and exterior, bolstered by an embedded layer of stabilizing foam for enhanced resilience. To maintain their structure, each end is reinforced with boning. The tunnels also sport a level bottom design, ensuring they remain stationary, accompanied by a removable potty pad. These distinctive attributes pledge boundless hours of amusement for your four-legged pals.


size large :

  • Large: 25cm opening, 30cm long (potty pad: 25cm x 30cm)
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made with love.
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