Our small pet products store

Teacup Nethies provides small pet products that we would use with our own pets. As a family run business, we pride ourselves on delivering only the best customer service & Quality well priced small pet products, supplies, and accessories. Teacup Nethies provides an extensive range of quality small pet products, that not only help your rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mouse or ferret to have a healthier and happier life, but also to bring your own life happiness and pleasure from a happy animal.

Some of these products include; treats, food / hay to keep them full, toys to keep your small pet happy / entertained, chew toys to keep your friends teeth well trimmed and to prevent them from chewing other items in your household. We have Hutches, runs, cages, bedding all available to keep your little friend happy in the cold months and/or entertained at any other time. Don’t forget to check our home page for any sales, coupons or discounts so you can get the best prices! If you have any questions relating to our products or your little friend, feel free to contact as at anytime through our facebook page or on the contact page.

Don’t forget there is FREE Shipping on all orders $69 and over!!