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Passwell Delight Rabbit Treat

was 5.20 NOW 2.50
High fibre oaten & timothy hay. Fortified with Rabbit pellets Contains ...
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Pipkins Alfalfa Edible Hut

was 25.99 NOW 19.90
This cute Alfalfa Hut makes for a great hideaway and is made from natural, edible alfalfa. ...
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Wombaroo Clover Pellets 1.25kg

was 14.99 NOW 11.50
High fibre Pellets for your Bunny or Guinea pig. Wombaroo Clover pellets are an extremely ...
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Peters treat Parsley & Apple bowl

was 10.99 NOW 8.00
Peters Parsley Bowl with Dried Apple 130g Product Description Peters Parsley Bowl with ...
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Vetafarm Deli Stix Herbivore

was 6.99 NOW 5.00
Vetafarm Deli Stix Treats – Herbivore Harvest 80g. Made with fresh, Australian ...
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Mineral fruit treat

was 3.90 NOW 1.90
This is a brand new fruit mineral for your small pet. It is an excellent source of ...
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Boredom Box Play Toy Treat

was 4.50 NOW 2.00
Boredom boxes are great to keep any small animal entertained for hours! It's a great ...
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Vetafarm Origins Rabbit Diet

Product Description Vetafarm Rabbit Origins is a completely balanced extruded pellet ...

Pipkins Crispy Tasty Cup

A sweet tasting treat for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits filled with luxury tropical fruit and a ...

Pipkins Alfalfa Edible Carrots- 3 pack

These cute edible alfalfa carrots provide a treat with entertainment and health benefits, ...

Pipkins Hay Cart Wooden

Taking animals back to nature, this cute Hay Cart is made from natural wood and makes for ...

Pipkin Alfalfa Edible Carrot Tree

This edible carrot tree is actually made from alfalfa, which is full of protein and ...