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Snuggle Pouch

was 19.95 NOW 10.00
Teacupnethies snuggle pouch are the perfect thing for your pet. Snuggle Pouches are ...
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Mouse Crunchy House

was 14.95 NOW 10.00
Fun scrunchy tunnel house is perfect for your small pets to hide and play in. A cute mouse ...
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Guinean Pig Starter Package

was 79.99 NOW 65.00
Getting a new little family member? Need to get everything for he/she's arrival? ...

Heaven Scent Wood Litter 5kg

A fantastic biodegradable wood litter This litter is fantastic for your rabbit, guinea ...

Circus Fleece Hiddy Hut

Circus Hidey Hut - Fleece Hidey Hut by HAYPIGS!® A snug and secure circus hut themed home ...
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Circus Fleece Crash Mat

was 41.95 NOW 30.00
HayPigs!® Piggy Crash Mat - Fleece Bed An extra large cosy polar fleece pet bed - perfect ...
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Large Litter Tray

was 7.99 NOW 5.00
Standard Size Pet Litter Tray Keep there cage smelling nice and clean, with all waste ...
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High Back Corner Litter Tray

was 12.99 NOW 9.00
This is a brand new plastic litter tray Corner litter tray with hooks to attach to their ...
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Back 2 Nature bedding/ litter ( 10L, 30L)

Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding & Litter is highly absorbent with natural odour ...
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Wood shavings 1kg

was 5.99 NOW 3.00
This Pack of Wood shavings weight is 1kg. It is a natural pet bedding suitable for ...

Teacup Nethies Cage Cleaner

Our very own product, Teacup Nethies cage cleaner. Completely pet safe, great for your ...
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Corner litter tray with grid

The corner litter tray has an elevated corner to help prevent spillage, unwanted mess, and ...