Guinea Pig

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Plastic base wire cage

The Pet Rabbit / Guinea Pig,ferret or Rodent  cage is a brilliant cage for your rabbits ...
48% Off

F10 Barrier Ointment 25g

was 13.5 NOW 7.00
F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment – F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment is also based on F10SC ...

F10 Vet Disinfectant 200ml

F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant F10 SC is a total spectrum disinfectant that, unlike other ...
71% Off

Passwell Delight Guinea Pig treat

was 5.20 NOW 1.50
High fibre oaten & timothy hay. Fortified with guinea pig pellets & ...

Pipkins Natural Wooden Castle

This great castle will not only look good in your cage but provides a place for your small ...

Pipkins Crispy Tasty Cup

A sweet tasting treat for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits filled with luxury tropical fruit and a ...

Pipkins Corn Carrots - 3 pack

These edible dental toys encourage gnawing instincts and are made from alfalfa, making ...
35% Off

Pipkins Alfalfa Edible Hut

was 25.99 NOW 17.00
This cute Alfalfa Hut makes for a great hideaway and is made from natural, edible alfalfa. ...
47% Off

Pipkins Clover Carrot Bites

was 7.50 NOW 4.00
Pipkins Carrot and Clover Treat Bites are a flavoursome veggie biscuit snack that has been ...

Pipkins Alfalfa Edible Carrots- 3 pack

These cute edible alfalfa carrots provide a treat with entertainment and health benefits, ...

Pipkins Hay Cart Wooden

Taking animals back to nature, this cute Hay Cart is made from natural wood and makes for ...

Pipkin Alfalfa Edible Carrot Tree

This edible carrot tree is actually made from alfalfa, which is full of protein and ...

Guinea pig accessories & products

Guinea pigs are such adorable little creatures. Therefore we want to make their lives, and yours fun-filled and healthy at all times. We aim to really improve your guinea pig’s quality of life. Hence why we only stock the highest quality guinea pig accessories and products. Our guinea pig accessories are priced very competitively, in almost every case much cheaper than the other stores out there.

Good nutrition is just as important for guinea pigs, as it is for all small animals. Therefore we stock the best brands, such as Vetafarm and Aristopet. We have everything you will need for your little friend to have a happy and healthy life. Our range of animal care and cleaning products will keep your small friend from mites, worms and vitamin deficiencies. We have cage and hutch cleaning solutions to keep them clean and hygienic. I’d also like to mention we stock high-quality guinea pig food and cater for all their dietary requirements.

As a business and pet owner, we have realized just how important customer service is. As a result, we strive to help you have the best possible online buying experience. So if you ever need advice on your next treat, toy or guinea pig accessory, feel free to contact us straight away.


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