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Mouse Crunchy House

Fun scrunchy tunnel house is perfect for your small pets to hide and play in. A cute mouse ...
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Circus Fleece Crash Mat

was 41.95 NOW 35.50
HayPigs!® Piggy Crash Mat - Fleece Bed An extra large cosy polar fleece pet bed - perfect ...
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High Back Corner Litter Tray

was 12.99 NOW 9.00
This is a brand new plastic litter tray Corner litter tray with hooks to attach to their ...
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Wood shavings 1kg

was 5.99 NOW 3.00
This Pack of Wood shavings weight is 1kg. It is a natural pet bedding suitable for ...
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Living world LARGE igloo

was 20.99 NOW 15.00
Living World Igloo Dome is made of durable plastic that is stain and odour resistant and ...
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Living world igloo medium

was 11.99 NOW 9.00
Living World Igloo Dome is made of durable plastic that is stain and odour resistant, and ...


Small Animal hammock for you little ones cage. The hammock Is reversible and easy washed. ...

Heaven Scent Wood Litter 5kg

A fantastic biodegradable wood litter This litter is fantastic for your rabbit, guinea ...
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Large Litter Tray

was 7.99 NOW 5.00
Standard Size Pet Litter Tray Keep there cage smelling nice and clean, with all waste ...
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Back 2 Nature bedding/ litter ( 10L, 30L)

Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding & Litter is highly absorbent with natural odour ...

Teacup Nethies Cage Cleaner

Our very own product, Teacup Nethies cage cleaner. Completely pet safe, great for your ...
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Corner litter tray with grid

The corner litter tray has an elevated corner to help prevent spillage, unwanted mess, and ...